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26 April 2018

Peer review on 'Work-capacity assessment and employment of persons with disabilities', Riga, Latvia, 26-27 April 2018

The peer review will be hosted by the Latvian Ministry of Welfare and discuss approaches for assessing and establishing work-capacity or disability, measures to improve labour market integration of persons with disabilities and the role of labour market i...
05 December 2017

French city Lyon rewarded with 2018 Access City Award for putting accessibility at the heart of its city life

On the occasion of the European Day for People with Disabilities, the European Commission today announced Lyon, France, as the winner of the Access City Award. The city was rewarded for its inclusive and universal accessibility.
02 February 2017

What has the European Disability Strategy achieved so far?

Today the European Commission presents its Progress Report on the implementation of the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020. The Strategy is the main instrument to support the EU's implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disab...
29 November 2016

European Commission rewards British city Chester for enhancing accessibility in its city life

The European Commission today announced the British city of Chester as the winner of the Access City Award. Chester was chosen out of 43 cities from 21 EU countries, because of its inclusive measures for people with a disability in different sectors, in p...
07 April 2016

EU tourism skills: 'Improving information on accessible tourism for disabled people'

Published : Thu, 07 Apr 2016 The study, 'Improving information on accessible tourism for disabled people', maps the skills needed to improve the accessibility and safety of tourism services for disabled people and people with special needs....
Law enforcement: a forgotten determinant of labour law impact
24 February 2016

Law enforcement: a forgotten determinant of labour law impact

Labour law is the body of rules which regulate the relationships between workers, employers, trade unions, employers' associations and the state. Its aims are manifold, ranging from ensuring workplace protection against accidents and disability to protect...
02 December 2015

Commission proposes to make products and services more accessible to the disabled persons

The European Commission today proposed a European Accessibility Act, which will set common accessibility requirements for certain key products and services that will help people with disabilities at EU level to participate fully in society.