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Construction Conference: Let's build changes!

09 June 2017


Transformations needed in the construction value chain to meet tomorrow's demands.

Much like any other industry, construction continuously undergoes change and adaptation. It is important to keep on top of developments and the latest solutions leading to changes.

The ‘Let's build changes’ conference will bring together industry leaders, financiers, policy makers, but also SMEs and start-ups. Together, they will discuss these questions:

  •  Where is the sector heading? From the perspectives of trends, new demands on the construction sector, societal changes impacting the construction sector, etc.
  •  What are the strategies and responses to tomorrow’s requirements? Discussing ways the sector (and the whole value chain) can adapt and modernise to remain competitive and resilient.
  • What is the role of the public sector? Identifying the best ways the public sector can help and support such transitions.

The sector is too broad and issues too plentiful to meet every expectation and solve every problem. Therefore, we have identified 4 key areas on which to focus this conference in break-out sessions. They are:

  • Using construction to reshape our cities

         Presenting the trends and conditions in our cities as well as best practice solutions.
  •  Resource efficiency

         Making progress in delivering a common sustainability language for the built 


  •  Innovation and Digitalisation

         Providing insights into opportunities to increase productivity and efficiency.

  •  Skills

         Discussing new ways of looking at skills and competencies.

We hope you will be able to join us and look forward to seeing you on 6 July.

Please register before 1 July by filling in the online registration form