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EUROPEAN TOURISM FORUM – 18 & 19 October 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia

14 September 2017


The 16th European Tourism Forum will take place in Tallinn, Estonia, 18-19 October 2017.

The European Commission organises the annual European Tourism Forum in close cooperation with the presidency of the Council of the European Union every second half of the year. This year, the 'European tourism forum' is co-organised with the Estonian presidency and takes place in Tallinn from 18 to 19 October 2017. There will be an exchange of views with several institutions. Thes include public authorities at EU, national and regional level, European associations, international organisations, industry representatives and other stakeholders. This edition focuses on the following topics:

  • Innovation in tourism through digitalisation for competitive growth of the sector.
  • Transport connectivity and intermodality as critical success factors for the European tourism sector.
  • Energy efficiency, protection of natural resources and environmentally friendly measures towards more sustainable EU tourism.
  • Balance between security and seamless travel in Europe.