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FET Proactive – High Performance Computing

27 October 2017


Call summary and aims

The HPC FET Proactive initiative aims to create a world-class European HPC ecosystem, by developing leading-class technology and solutions towards exascale performance for ambitious scientific/engineering applications and services. By benefiting from the convergence of HPC, Big Data and Cloud Computing technologies, the HPC ecosystem will provide innovative, usable and competitive solutions that will upraise Europe's scientific capabilities and industrial competitiveness.

In April 2016, as part of its Digitising European Industry[[COM(2016) 180 final]] strategy, the Commission adopted the communication European Cloud Initiative - Building a competitive data and knowledge economy in Europe[[COM(2016) 178 final]], which was endorsed by the European Council in June 2016.The initiative aims to create, a leading European High Performance Computing and Big Data (HPC/BD) research and industrial ecosystem by 2023 underpinned by a world-class European Data Infrastructure offering high performance computing and data capabilities, fast connectivity and high-capacity cloud solutions.

A synergetic approach for HPC technologies is promoted, which is complementary to relevant activities covered in the LEIT and eINFRA work programmes 2018-2020 and are called in the framework of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) on HPC with the ETP4HPC Association (European Technology Platform in HPC).

It is expected that this call will continue in 2020.