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Force protection and advanced soldier systems beyond current programmes

07 June 2017


Call summary

Investment in future-oriented European defence research programmes today is a crucial step to maintain freedom of action and the ability to develop the capabilities that will be required tomorrow. Yet up to now, EU funding could only be used to fund research activities with an exclusive focus to civil applications. The Preparatory Action on Defence Research (PADR) is a first essential step, limited in time and in budget, to test the added value of the EU budget supporting defence research. It will pave the way to a substantial defence research programme within the context of the next multiannual financial framework post 2020. The main objective of the PADR is thus to test mechanisms that can prepare, organise and deliver a variety of EU-funded cooperative defence research and technology development (R&T) activities to improve the competitiveness and innovation in the European defence industry and to stimulate cooperation amongst R&T actors in all Member States. The focus of the PADR is on defence research rather than dual-use research; nevertheless it will be complementary with existing EU programmes such as the Specific Challenge "Secure societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens" under Horizon 2020 as well as R&T activities in the Member States and in the European Defence Agency (EDA). The core of the PADR is a research programme that will be implemented through annual calls for proposals from 2017 onwards for 3 years . The calls are based on annual work programmes defined in close cooperation with Member States and adopted by the Commission. The work programme contains a detailed description of the actions (research projects) that will be funded through the award of grants to consortia after the publication of calls of proposals. While the overall responsibility for the management of the Preparatory Action lies with the Commission, EDA will implement the annual work programmes, organise the calls, evaluate the project proposals submitted and manage the research projects funded. This document contains the 2017 PADR call texts together with budgetary information and General Annexes with relevant information for applicants and the modalities which EDA will use to evaluate the proposals. In 2017 there will be three calls for proposals. The main focus of the first call (PADR-US-01-2017) lies on the launch of one project of substantial complexity in the area of enhanced situational awareness in a naval environment.

Within the context of research in technologies and products related to force protection and soldier systems, a second call (PADR-FPSS-01-2017) will result in funding one or more projects. Thirdly, a call for one coordination and support action (PADR-STF-01-2017) is published to start the strategic technology foresight. This document contains furthermore a call for tender for independent experts for the evaluation of proposals and monitoring of running projects of the Preparatory Action.

Key websites All information relating to the present calls for proposals can be accessed from the EDA website:

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EU Budget 2017 – Section III - Item 02 04 77 03 — Preparatory action on Defence Research: