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Professional services: How does regulation matter?

11 September 2017


This conference will focus on the lessons learned from the mutual evaluation of regulated professions (2014-2016). It will also examine the objectives of, and recent findings resulting from, the Services Package adopted in January 2017.

The work EU countries have done in this context will be highlighted, supported by recent studies showing the effects of regulation.  

Stakeholders (including national authorities, professional, and consumer organisations) will have the opportunity to discuss initiatives under the Services Package that are related to professional services, i.e. a legislative proposal for a proportionality test and a Communication on reform recommendations in regulated professions.  

To fuel the debate, international experts and academic researchers will present their latest findings, including new analysis on the effect of regulation on the quality of services, followed by reports on recent regulatory developments and on-going reforms taking place in selected EU countries. 

Representatives from the European Parliament and the European Economic and Social Committee, as well as social partners, will also take part in the discussion.

Conference registration is open until 30 October 2017 (the password is 'Brussels') and the programme is available below. 

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