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Service Contract: Research and development for a GNSS Dual Frequency Multipath Model for Aviation

28 September 2017


The objective of this service contract is to build and validate a Dual Frequency Multipath Model for Aviation, which will be a fundamental element in providing Navigation Services through the ARAIM and SBAS Dual Frequency.

The Dual-Frequency model will cover the Galileo E1/E5a frequencies and the GPS L1/L5 frequencies.

In addition, a model will be elaborated and validated to cover for the single frequency cases GPS L5, Galileo E1 and Galileo E5a.

Finally, all models will be compared against the currently used model (Appendix J.2.4 Variance of Airborne Receiver Errors of RTCA SC-159 DO-229D[1] ).

Validation of the model will include real flight test campaigns with various aircraft types, each of them representative of existing aircraft categories and different behaviours of airframe multipath. GNSS signal measurements will be taken in all phases of flight (take-off, initial climb, en-route climb, cruise, descent, approach, landing and roll-out).


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