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Workshop: ‘Towards an age-friendly tourism: <BR> Opportunities for low and medium season’

06 July 2016


This workshop will provide participating stakeholders with the opportunity to discuss current best practices and future prospects for low and medium season tourism. It will take place in Brussels on 13 September 2016, from 9:30 to 17:00.

Increasing transnational travel during the low seasons can stimulate economic growth, jobs and contribute to the competitiveness of the sector.  The Commission has already put in place several measures to help address the horizontal challenge of seasonality. Some examples of these measures are:

  • support to the development and visibility of transnational tourism products.
  • actions in favour of increasing accessibility for elderly people  .
  • the analysis of the seasonal variation of tourism flows.

At the workshop, the Commission will present the results of the initiative ‘The Low-Medium Season Tourism Initiative 2014-2016: Towards an Age-Friendly Tourism’ and will lead a discussion for the next steps, wrapping up and leaving the initiative to the stakeholders.

Registration deadline: 31 August 2016