17 April 2015

Older workers moving abroad – experienced and realistic

(From ec.europa.eu ) Experience can be a selling point on the job market, but it can also put potential employers off. Older workers can be more expensive to hire and in depressed economies, often the semi-trained youngsters present a cheaper option. When the range of jobs you can go for shrinks in your own country, moving abroad with the help of the EURES Network can be a good choice. Roberto Guillermo León Jaramillo, (to the right in the photo), is 46. His wife is also unemployed and they have a 15 year-old son and a daughter of 8. Originally from Ecuador, Jaramillo migrated to Spain in...
17 April 2015

Meet the team behind European Online Job Days

(From ec.europa.eu ) European (Online) Job Days (EOJDs) have become one of EURES' most powerful tools for connecting jobseekers and employers across the continent. To bring these events to fruition, much complex work goes on behind-the-scenes. Here, we talk to individuals who help make EOJDs a reality . Given the complexities of EOJDs, EURES collaborates with a specialised communications agency to ensure the events run smoothly. Greg Gonciarz and Nebojsa Milenkovic oversee the EOJD management on behalf of the agency, and Greg notes the varied and challenging context of each event: "Some EOJDs...
17 April 2015

EURES Helpdesk’s "human dimension" the key to effective problem-solving

(From ec.europa.eu ) For many jobseekers and employers, EURES is a web tool for exploring the opportunities offered by the European labour market. To keep the EURES Portal operating effectively, intensive behind-the-scenes work is necessary. Here we talk to the EURES Helpdesk coordinator Evi Guinou who, alongside her team in Luxembourg, works to ensure that users' portal-related problems are resolved effectively. The EURES Helpdesk is a hub of activity, with five front-line operators dealing with all types of EURES portal-related queries. Evi's team strives to provide an efficient service and...
06 March 2015

European Online Job Day - 100 000 km away from continental Europe

(From ec.europa.eu ) With the EURES online platform, the island of Reunion successfully expands its talent pool to all of continental Europe. The island of Reunion, in cooperation with EURES France and several other partners, held an online recruiting day recently. The event focused on finding food and service industry workers interested in employment on the Island of Reunion – a popular holiday destination. "The format of job days is very nice," says EURES Adviser Laurent Faivre. "Overall, it allowed for contact with candidates who reside across 100,000 kilometres of the EU, many of who...
04 March 2015

Helping to establish young Swedish designers

(From ec.europa.eu ) Recruitment in the design sector frequently operates differently from other areas of business. Opportunities may exist without being advertised and employers may only realise they want a designer once they have seen their work. This means anyone trying to help designers develop their careers needs to approach the issue of matching applicant with vacancy in a new way – which is just what EURES adviser Wanna Spiridonidou is doing in Sweden. To showcase the work of up and coming designers she has formed a close relationship with Business Sweden , which aims to promote...

Euromed Invest Academy in Brussels to focus on EU policies

(From www.enpi-info.eu ) NEWS The EU-funded Euromed Invest project is organising the 4th Euromed Invest Academy to be held on 15-17 June in Brussels. The Academy in Brussels is organised on the theme "How to get to know and work with the EU and its institutions to develop investments and SMEs in the Mediterranean". It will give participants the opportunity to know...
11 May 2015

Study on trade secrets and confidential business information in the internal market

Published : Mon, 11 May 2015 The European Commission contracted a study on the role of trade secrets and confidential business information as possible drivers for innovation, competitiveness and economic growth in the EU.
11 May 2015

EuroMed Days at EXPO Milano 2015 – a successful event launching a six-month process

Published : Mon, 11 May 2015 The EuroMed Days on 6-7 May were early successes for the European Commission at EXPO 2015. Building on the Commission's industrial cooperation work with Mediterranean neighbour countries, the two days demonstrat...
11 May 2015

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE)

Identifier: H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015Pillar: Excellent ScienceType: Call for ProposalsOpening Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2015Deadline: Tue, 28 Apr 2015 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)Budget: 80.000.000,00 €Modification Date: Mon, 11 May 2015Latest information: A total of...