13 November 2018

Report on inequalities in access to healthcare across the EU released

The study, which includes country reports and a synthesis report, provides an overview of inequality in access to healthcare in 35 European countries - EU Member States as well as EFTA and enlarging countries - showing that important inequalities persist,...
29 October 2018

Youth Guarantee – two new reports focus on vulnerable groups, employment and entrepreneurship

The two reports highlight concrete practices on key aspects of the Youth Guarantee – activation measures for vulnerable groups of young people, and employment offers. Both reports build on experience from the ground, following five years of Youth Guarante...
23 October 2018

Your first EURES job helps young Portuguese pharmacists to find work in Scandinavia

(From ec.europa.eu ) The market exploded, and the ensuing shortage of qualified pharmacists, against the backdrop of an ageing population, made it difficult for employers to recruit from within Sweden. In Portugal, on the other hand, there were – and still are – too many pharmacists and not enough jobs, due largely to the after-effects of the financial crisis. Seeing a mutually beneficial opportunity, LloydsApotek in Sweden, along with its Norwegian partner Vitusapotek, teamed up with EURES Portugal to recruit pharmacists through the Your first EURES job (YfEj) programme. LloydsApotek’s staff...
16 October 2018

Social enterprise: Entrepreneurship with a social impact

(From ec.europa.eu ) As pointed out by the European Commission, entrepreneurship and self-employment help create jobs, develop skills and give unemployed and vulnerable people an opportunity to fully participate in society and the economy. Accounting for 14% of total employment, self-employed people play an important role in the EU economy. The latest Eurostat figures show that 30.6 million people aged 15-64 in the EU were self-employed in 2016. Considering that SMEs make up 99% of companies in the EU and account for two thirds of total employment, it’s clear why the Commission supports these...
11 October 2018

Can living abroad boost your self-awareness?

(From ec.europa.eu ) But what does all of that have to do with living abroad? The study A recent study by a group of researchers from Rice University, Columbia University, the University of North Carolina and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explored the relationship between living abroad and people’s levels of self-awareness. They found some interesting links. The study was based on feedback from almost 2,000 people, including some who had lived abroad and others who hadn’t. As reported by the World Economic Forum , the results showed that living abroad increases people’s self-...



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