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Call for proposals - Organised crime projects addressing trafficking in human beings

25 October 2017


Call summary

Priorities will be set in line with the relevant EU legal and policy framework: the findings of the first European Commission report on progress made in the fight against trafficking in human beings (May 2016), the Report on transposition of Directive 2011/36/EU and the Report on assessing the impact of existing national law, establishing as a criminal offence the use of services which are the objects of exploitation of trafficking in human beings, as well as the findings of the Commission’s Study on Comprehensive Policy Review. Consideration will be further given to the successor policy framework once it becomes available.

Activities under this Call should address the criminal dimension of trafficking in human beings, focusing on both the profile/modus operandi of traffickers/criminal organized groups and their prosecution and conviction, as well as on the wider trafficking chain, including the profits involved in trafficking in human beings and the links between trafficking in human beings and other forms of serious and organized crime.