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Commission Thyssen attends closing and award ceremony of Vocational Skills Week

24 November 2017


Today, Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs, Skills and Labour Mobility, Marianne Thyssen, will give a keynote speech at the closing event of the second European Vocational Skills Week.

The Commissioner will also hand out awards to people, institutions and projects that can be considered as outstanding examples of what Europe has to offer in the field of vocational education and training. The aim of the awards is to showcase the excellence, quality and benefits of vocational education and training.

On the occasion of the Award ceremony, Commissioner Thyssen said: "Over the past week, more than 1,300 events have taken place across Europe, reaching out to almost 1 million people. I would like to thank you all for putting vocational education and training in the spotlight that it deserves. Students, business and society all need these skills. VET is a great first choice for a first-rate career."

In the context of this year's Vocational Skills Week, over 1,300 events took place in 45 countries (including all EU Member States, Iceland, Norway, the Balkans, Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan) under the banner 'Discover Your Talent'.

In addition to the national events, two Pan-European and 15 national Ambassadors are raising awareness of the Week and excellence in vocational education and training. The list of award-winners is available here. The closing and award ceremony will be broadcast live via web stream.

Winners of the 2017 Awards for VET Excellence