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Dual use technology in the EU – SME success stories on EU funding

18 September 2017


Several SMEs have successfully taken advantage of EU funding to develop dual-use projects. Their businesses are in the limelight of the new brochure the Commission just released.

The publication ‘Dual use technology in the EU’ will become available in 6 more languages to help SMEs understand how the different EU funding tools work.

The main 3 EU funding instruments are showcased:

  • ESIF for technology transfers, prototyping, innovation uptake, etc. – i.e. many of the steps that help a business diversify or migrate from one sector to another.
  • Horizon 2020 for funding the civil application of projects with dual-use potential.
  • COSME for cooperation between clusters and for companies to build partnerships.

Event organisers in defence/dual use fields may request free hard copies in any of the language versions (English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish). Please send an e-mail to with the desired number of copies, the language version, date and title of the event and the delivery address by 30 September 2017.