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Good employment and social protection practices - Commission report

18 May 2015


Good employment and social protection practices - Commission report

The European Commission recently published a report in which it monitored good practices across Europe in the areas of employment, social affairs and inclusion.

This exercise was performed in the context of the EU's Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).

The Commission finances projects in the fields of employment and social protection and inclusion, enabling administrations and other partners to develop new services, assess new policies and exchange good practices.

Examples of good practices

A project on green jobs in the UK, for instance, was considered exemplary as a model was created which managed to increase the chances of long-term unemployed and low skilled offenders to find a job within the green economy sector.

Another recommendable outcome was that of a collaboration between Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Romania and the Czech Republic. In all of those countries except the latter two, good practices were gathered on the transition of second generation young migrants from education to employment. A network of stakeholders for future cooperation has been set up in all six countries.

The French project HAPPIER proved that its Adapted Physical Activity programme increased the quality of life of elderly people, and had significantly improved physical abilities and daily life performance of the elderly, and decreased depressive symptoms of some participants.

The report collected 19 examples of good practice, 16 in the area of employment and the rest in the field of social protection and inclusion.