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New Europass platform is out! Communicating your skills, qualifications and experience now easier than ever

23 July 2020


Here’s a quick overview of what the new Europass platform can do for you.

All-in-one digital profile

You can register on Europass and create a profile to record your skills, qualifications and professional experience. Your Europass account has a personal library where you can add files (e.g. certificates, diplomas and images) so that your information and documents are all available in one secure location. You can share your profile with employers, recruiters, or your employment service for advice and support on your career. Your Europass profile supports 29 languages.

Personalised job suggestions

You will receive tailored suggestions of jobs (via EURES), based on your professional background, interests and skills. This will make your job hunting easier, and you can be sure that you won’t miss any relevant job opportunities.

Personalised course suggestions

There are countless possibilities to study, train and find new learning opportunities across Europe. If you’re looking to refresh your skills or learn new ones, Europass will offer you tailored suggestions of courses that match the information in your portfolio.

Easy CV and cover letter creation

Using the new online editor, you can prepare CVs and cover letters to put together applications for jobs and courses. The editor allows you to use your Europass profile to pick and choose what information you want to include in your CV. That way you can easily create tailored CVs depending on the opportunities you’re applying for. You can also publish your CV on EURES for more exposure.

Information and support

On the new Europass platform, you can also access information on learning and working in Europe, including links to national services, and articles on studying, training, volunteering, career planning and working abroad.

Education and training credentials

Europass Digital Credentials lets you receive and share digital degrees, diplomas and certificates from education and training institutions. This feature can support instant recognition and understanding of all forms of qualifications and eliminate paper-based processes. It is being piloted in 18 countries, and the European Commission is working with EU countries to support its full roll-out.

Learn more about what the new Europass platform has to offer.

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