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20 July 2020

How to prepare your CV for a job search after COVID-19

(From ) Include a variety of digital skills The more digital skills you have, the better! Businesses around the world shifted to remote working almost overnight to protect their employees from COVID-19. They relied on technology more than ever and this isn’t expected to change following the pandemic. The more digital skills you have, the more likely you are to be successful in your job search. Employers will value experience with new online tools as well as the traditional Microsoft 365. Make sure you know how to share your screen and familiarise yourself with popular online...
23 April 2019

‘Incredible places and wonderful people’: Lara’s story

(From ) ‘It all started with my registration on the EURES platform,’ recalls Lara. ‘It’s a simple procedure, similar to that of any other online job search platform. Basically, it involves entering your CV. You can also filter the offers you want to receive depending on the type of work.’ Lara soon received a job offer from a hotel in the Moselle valley region of Germany, although she admits that she wasn’t sure about the offer at first, because the employer wanted her to start work quickly. ‘I had nothing to lose’ Lara decided to contact a EURES Adviser at the Servicio Extremeño...
17 April 2015

CVs – getting the right balance between self-promotion and honesty

(From ) Did you hear about the man travelling to a job interview on the tube, who swore at a fellow passenger getting out of the carriage? He got to his interview only to find that the man he had been rude to was sitting opposite him, as his interviewer. He didn't get the job. read the story here. You can read the story here. What not to do before and during an interview can be obvious, and lying on your CV would be at the top of the list. But according to UK fraud prevention group , 63% of all confirmed employment frauds concerned people lying on their CV.