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19 May 2020

Top 8 online collaboration tools for remote teams

(From ) That’s why we have prepared a list of useful online tools that will allow you to share files, do video calls and presentations, collaborate with co-workers and manage projects. Note: All tools in this article are free to use, but they also have paid versions for an upgraded experience. Project Management Asana Asana can provide a good overview of all projects currently going on in your organisation. You can create to-do lists for ongoing projects, set reminders for upcoming deadlines and send requests to colleagues. Trello Trello allows you to manage your projects online...
31 July 2019

7 signs that you could be an entrepreneur at heart

(From ) You have a vision It’s easy to look at Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and think that being an entrepreneur is all about making millions and becoming the biggest brand in the world. While that’s a worthy ambition, a successful business has to start with an idea. Entrepreneurs are skilled at recognising gaps in the market for a new product, identifying a demand that hasn’t been met or developing a new solution for an old problem. You can focus on the future While the present is important, successful entrepreneurs will also keep one eye on the future at all times. They anticipate...