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20 March 2020

The future of work: Hospitality and retail managers

(From ) The second occupation under investigation is hospitality and retail managers. This covers people working as hotel and restaurant managers, retail and wholesale trade managers, and managers of other services that include sports, recreation and cultural services. Key facts Around 4.2 million people were employed as hospitality and retail managers in 2018. . Employment in the occupation grew by just over 3% between 2006 and 2018. . Autonomy, creativity and resolution, and the ability to service and attend are the most important tasks and skills for employees in this field...
08 October 2015

Workshop: Space projects under the Investment Plan - financing possibilities

Published : Thu, 08 Oct 2015 Event: 24/11 > 24/11/2015 @ DG GROW Auditorium This workshop is aimed at space sector representatives and will be an occasion to get a better understanding about practical tools for access to finance including...