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Call for projects on Cybercrime

23 November 2017


Given the importance of implementation of existing policies on cybersecurity, attacks against information systems and combatting child sexual exploitation, emphasised in the European Agenda on Security, this action aims at developing transnational partnerships between Law Enforcement, private entities and academia to develop research, training and education in the domain of cybercrime; supporting policy developments (for instance fostering Law Enforcement cooperation and public-private partnerships in the area of fraud and counterfeiting of non-cash means of payment), developing investigative tools and databases and fostering cooperation (including Public-Private Partnerships) in the areas of cybercrime and child sexual exploitation (with specific focus on victims identification), supporting Law Enforcement engagement in the area of Internet governance, tackling the issue of travelling sex offenders, creating collaborative platforms for Law Enforcement cooperation for the creation, dissemination and improvement of IT tools, further developing interconnection between Law Enforcement and private entities in Member States to report cybercrime and share intelligence, creating a platform for Law Enforcement to swiftly access seized evidence or intelligence (or both) across borders.