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Call for Proposals for Projects 2016

04 March 2016


Call summary

Scene Setter

Under the overall operational budget reserved for grants, EUR 13 050 000 will be reserved for projects. The budget line is 17.03.01.

Project grants are calculated on the basis of eligible costs incurred. The maximum rate for EU co-financing is 60 %. However, this may be up to 80 % if a proposal meets the criteria for exceptional utility set out in Annex VII. Annex II contains the eligibility, exclusion, selection and award criteria for project grants.

A project grant should be of sufficient size, so that ambitious objectives with high European added value can be reached and an efficient European dissemination strategy implemented.

Only proposals that directly correspond to the topic and description as set out in this work programme will be considered for funding. Proposals that only address the thematic area but do not match the specific description of a given action will not be considered for funding.

All grants for projects will be implemented through a call for proposals organised and managed by the Consumer, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA, hereafter called ‘the Agency’).