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Call restricted to Member States for projects aimed at furthering the Commission Recommendation on proportionate police checks and police cooperation in the Schengen area

25 October 2018


Call summary and aims

The objective is to support Member States, in particular those that currently have temporary border controls in place at some of their internal Schengen borders, in their efforts to phase out such temporary controls, in line with the Commission Recommendation of 12 May 2017.

Projects should focus on making more effective use of proportionate police checks, including in borders areas, with the aim to assist in remedying threats to public security and/or aim at strengthening cross-border police cooperation, such as joint patrols in cross-border trains, joint threat analysis and enhanced cross-border information exchange.

Expected results: guidelines and/or best practice on proportionate police checks and / or cross-border police cooperation, development of tools to strengthen cross-border police cooperation.