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Call restricted to Member States for projects aiming to increase cooperation in the area of Forensic science, including the implementation of the Prüm framework

18 October 2017


Call summary

The objective is to move towards a European Forensic Science Area by 2020, as indicated in the Council conclusions and action plan of June 2016 on the way forward in view of the creation of an European Forensic Science Area (8770/16).

In particular, the action targets the accreditation of forensic laboratories. Also, action 6 of the action plan of the Council relates to stimulating the exchange of forensics data via Prüm and improving its quality.

The action fully addresses the Council Roadmap to enhance information exchange and information management including interoperability solutions in the Justice and Home Affairs area – action 13, which relates to the full use by Member States of the possibilities offered under the Prüm Decisions. The action plan of the Council contains 6 separate actions (best practice manuals, accreditation of laboratories, proficiency tests, trainings, etc.) which relevant stakeholders should implement in order to move towards a European Forensic Science Area by 2020.