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Call restricted to Member States to support projects on Passenger Information Units (PIUs) interconnectivity

06 December 2018


Call summary and aims

The objective is to support Member States in their efforts to ensure the exchange of PNR information between their Passenger Information Units (PIUs) and between the PIUs and Europol, pursuant to Articles 9 and 10 of the PNR Directive (EU 2016/681). This objective is also in line with EAS's priority "information exchange", and with the Council Roadmap action 39. It will however not focus on the technical aspects of the exchange of PNR data, but on building the capacity of the personnel of the PIU to assess the relevance and necessity of the exchange of PNR data. It will also enhance the PIU's ability to exchange best practices concerning the creation of targeting rules and the identification of relevant databases for the processing of PNR data, in accordance with the PNR Directive. In particular, activities could include training actions, study visits, workshops and conferences aimed at sharing experience and best practices between Member States on the exchange of PNR data among Passenger Information Units.

Expected results: improve the capacity of the Passenger Information Units to: (i) define, validate and apply targeting rules to be used in the automated processing of PNR; (ii) identify relevant databases (including EU databases) and create watch lists against which PNR data shall be compared; (iii) assess the result of the automated processing in view of possible enforcement actions; (iv) identify relevant and necessary PNR data to be shared with other PIUs; (v) assess the incoming requests from other PIUs and Europol