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Call for tenders on defence-related skills published

04 September 2017


EASME published an invitation to tender on 31 August. The tender is for a service to build evidence on defence-related skills shortages, gaps and mismatches, and defining the sector's strategy with concrete actions on how to solve the skills gap.

The call, financed under the COSME instrument, was announced in the European Defence Action Plan adopted by the Commission last year. It is also part of the Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills initiative for fostering skills development at sectoral level. It is expected to contribute to maintaining and improving the defence-related skills pool that will feed the European defence industry and help it maintain its competitive advantage.

Deadline for submission of tenders: 28 November 2017, (Brussels' time).


Please note, all our tendering documents are published through the Commission-wide platform 'eTendering'. If you are interested in this call, please use eTendering to get access to all tender documents. The documents are always publicly visible and downloadable.

Register to the call if you want to ask questions and get automatic updates on changes (additional documents, answers to questions, etc.). To register, you need an EU Login, which is easily created with your email address and a password.