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Commission launches GEAR 2030 to boost competitiveness and growth in the automotive sector

26 January 2016


To ensure a co-ordinated approach and to address the challenges faced by the European automotive industry, the Commission has launched a new High Level Group for the automotive industry: GEAR 2030.

Competitiveness of the EU automotive industry is very important for the future growth of the EU economy. To remain competitive, the European automotive industry will quickly have to adapt to challenges from globalisation, changing mobility patterns, digitalisation and consumer expectations. Europe is no longer an absolute leader in terms of regulatory standards and the market access benefits stemming from the free trade agreements and multilateral frameworks are becoming increasingly challenged.

The GEAR 2030 High Level Group will focus on three areas of work:

  • the adaptation of the value chain to new global challenges.
  • the automated and connected vehicles.
  • trade, international harmonisation and global competitiveness.

The Commission estimates that the impact on the ground could be substantial, through e.g. new transport services, lower accident rates and increased shares on third markets.

For example, as 90% of road accidents come from human error, the automated and connected vehicles roadmap could help to drastically reduce road fatalities.

By addressing the new global challenges in the supply chain the European suppliers could remain ahead of the curve and reinforce the technological leadership that has been challenged by rapidly evolving geographical and product markets.

An ambitious, forward-looking regulatory agenda could warrant continued private and public investment in research, development and innovation, helping EU automotive industry, in particular small and medium-sized players, adapt to rapid production cycles. It could also increase the share of high-quality and high-technology vehicles on third markets with high growth potential.

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