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Conference on common training principles

11 December 2015


This conference will help shed light on common training principles introduced by the modernisation of the system of professional qualifications by detailing the conditions for their development that should enable more professionals to move across EU countries. It will also provide for exchanges of views on the subject.

The conference will gather various stakeholders including professionals, representatives of national authorities, professional organisations and associations at national and EU level, trade unions and employers associations, academics, and others.

Note: The conference will be held during the first week of June 2016 but the exact date has not yet been decided.


The existing system of recognition of professional qualifications, as provided for by the Directive on professional qualifications, was revised in 2013. This was done to further facilitate the mobility of professionals across the EU.

Among the novelties of this modernisation, the introduction of common training principles, offers the possibility to extend the mechanism of automatic recognition, as it already exists for some professions (doctors, nurses responsible for general care, midwifes, dental practitioners, pharmacists, veterinary surgeons, architects) to new professions.