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European Investment Bank board of directors seminar with civil society 2016

01 February 2016


The EIB is inviting all interested civil society stakeholders to Luxembourg for a seminar between civil society and the Bank’s board of directors.

The EIB will first present an overview of its achievements since the last meeting and outline its priorities for 2016 before moving on to two thematic sessions, not only of interest to a wide group of civil society stakeholders, but also to the EIB.

The first thematic session will be dedicated to ‘Supporting growth and jobs in Europe’ and will be an opportunity to discuss progress under the European fund for strategic investment (EFSI).

The second thematic session will focus on ‘International migration and development’. What can, and should, the EIB do to ensure sustainable growth and jobs in developing countries?

Finally, there will be a structured debate with the EIB’s board of directors.