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Exploratory Research H2020 Call 1

04 June 2015


  • 04-06-2015 19:43:48

    The submission session is now available for: Sesar-01-2015(SESAR-RIA), Sesar-02-2015(SESAR-RIA), Sesar-03-2015(SESAR-RIA), Sesar-04-2015(SESAR-RIA), Sesar-05-2015(SESAR-RIA), Sesar-06-2015(SESAR-RIA), Sesar-07-2015(SESAR-RIA), Sesar-08-2015(SESAR-RIA), Sesar-09-2015(SESAR-RIA), Sesar-10-2015(SESAR-RIA), Sesar-11-2015(SESAR-RIA)

    Applicants should note that: - The FAQ table answering to the received questions has been added under the "Call documents" section - The maximum duration for the Grants is 24 months, as specified in the Financing Decision. The “ER First Call for Research Projects” document has been updated accordingly. - The “Project Execution Guidance for SESAR 2020 Exploratory Research” document, (expanding Chapter 6 of the “ER First Call for Research Projects”), the “SESAR 2020 Programme Execution Introduction” document (providing wider context on SESAR 2020) and the “SJU Self-Assessment Form” can be found on the Topics Conditions and Documentation page of each Topic