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FET FLAGSHIPS – Tackling grand interdisciplinary science and technology challenges

27 October 2017


Call summary and aims

FET Flagships tackle grand Science and Technology challenges expected to result in 'game changing' impacts on economy and society, benefitting European citizens and paving the way for global technological and industrial leadership. Because of their ambition, their scale and their interdisciplinary nature, FET Flagships can only be realised through a long-term and sustained effort at European level, by building on large scale research cooperation across academia and industry and across national research programmes, and by mobilising Europe's best researchers around an ambitious R&D roadmap.

Under the first work programme of Horizon 2020, a Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) has been established for each of the two running Flagships, Graphene and the Human Brain Project (HBP).

Activities in this work programme will: (i) further support the two running Flagships on the basis of their FPAs, following Specific Grant Agreements (SGAs) and other actions launched under previous work programmes; (ii) kick-start the support to the new Flagship on Quantum Technologies (QT); (iii) further support the FLAGERA and QUANTERA ERA-NETs that bring together national and regional funding agencies from the Member States and Associated Countries in support respectively of the two running Flagships and the QT one; and (iv) include preparatory actions to prepare the ground for new candidate FET Flagship initiatives.

The indicative funding budget for area e. – Fundamental Science – under FETFLAG-03-2018 (RIA) is up to EUR 20 million.

It is expected that this call will continue in 2020.