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FET Proactive – Boosting emerging technologies

27 October 2017


Call summary and aims

FET Proactive aims to identify the future and emerging technological paradigms with highest potential for Europe's economy and society. For each of them, it looks to establish a broad and solid European basis in terms of knowledge, key technological building blocks and interdisciplinary communities. By reaching out well beyond the research world, it ensures that Europe has the best 'first mover' position to capitalise rapidly and effectively on emerging societal and industrial opportunities.

The indicative funding budgets per sub-topic under FETPROACT-01-2018 are as follows: EUR 15.00 million for sub-topic a., EUR 13 million for sub-topic b., EUR 20 million for sub-topic c., EUR 15 million for sub-topic d., EUR 15 million for sub-topic e., and EUR 10 million for sub-topic f.

It is expected that this call will continue in 2020.