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Guidance on meeting asylum seekers' needs in line with public procurement law

09 September 2015


The European Commission has presented a comprehensive package of proposals to help address the refugee crisis.

The Commission is addressing all angles of the crisis, including the need for EU countries to quickly meet the most immediate needs of asylum seekers for housing, supplies and services. For this reason, today's package includes guidance to national, regional and local authorities on applicable EU procurement rules, emphasising the flexibility built into these rules.

EU rules on public procurement are designed to allow authorities to react quickly in times of crisis, in this case to satisfy the most immediate needs of those needing housing, supplies and help. Public authorities can sign contracts following simple and speedy procedures to meet these urgent needs. The Public Procurement Directives (Directive 2004/18 and the new Directive 2014/24/EU) allow for accelerated procedures or, in cases of extreme urgency, a "negotiated procedure without publication".

The comprehensive set of proposals

The guidance