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Medical devices - List of events 2017

22 December 2016


Event date: 13/02 > 21/11/2017
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This is a list of upcoming events and meetings related to medical devices in 2017 (subject to change).

Date Meeting
13/16/17 February MDR Future Implementing Acts
13 March IVD Technical Group
20/21 March MD Vigilance Experts Group
6/7 April WG on Clinical Investigation & Evaluation
6 July MDR Future Implementing Acts
11 September MDR Regulatory Committee
2/3 October MD Vigilance Experts Group
4 October IVD Technical Group
9/10 November WG on Clinical Investigation & Evaluation
20 November MDR Future Implementing Acts
21 November Medical Devices Experts Group - MDEG
22 November IMDRF EU coordination meeting