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New report on entrepreneurship education in schools in Europe

25 February 2016


Are European countries embedding entrepreneurship education in their school curricula? What kind of strategies have been put in place so far? How are teachers trained for it?

This report captures the latest developments on entrepreneurship education in Europe. It provides information on strategies, curricula and learning outcomes, and also covers new themes such as funding schemes and teacher education. 

The report focuses on primary education, lower and general upper secondary education as well as school-based initial vocational education and training. It contains information for 2014/2015 from 33 countries.

Out of 38 education systems surveyed, 11 had a specific strategy on entrepreneurship education in 2014/2015, while 18 had a broader one which also covered other policy areas.

While entrepreneurship education is increasingly recognised in primary education, it remains most common in upper secondary education. At upper secondary level, approaches are varied: it can be seen either as a separate subject or as an integral part of other subjects.

As of yet, no country has fully mainstreamed entrepreneurship education in their systems. Evidence shows that having a specific strategy may be the most effective route to achieve that.

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