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Single Market Scoreboard: less barriers, but still 53 red cards to EU and EEA countries

18 July 2016


Barriers to the free movement of persons, services, goods and capital in the EU are being eliminated in most areas, but in some fields the situation is stalling or even worsening.

The Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs has published the latest edition of the Single Market Scoreboard that monitors the performance of EU and EEA countries in a series of policy fields and governance tools. The recently extended Scoreboard now evaluates compliance to EU law, contribution to a number of EU assistance services and how countries ensure fair competition in several sectors like public procurement and postal services.

Based on a traffic light scheme, countries were given 138 green, 128 yellow and 53 red cards showing respectively if their performance was good, average or bad in the monitored areas. Compared to the results from the last Scoreboard (October 2015), there is a shift from average (yellow) or bad (red) to good (green) performance in 25 cases. On the other hand, performance worsened from green to yellow in 30 cases sand from yellow (or even green) to red in 20 cases.

The performance of Croatia, Cyprus and Slovakia with 7 green cards positively stands out. France and Bulgaria have managed to improve their performance in 3 areas.

In addition to the EU-level evaluation, country-sheets are available for download in national languages to see how particular countries have performed in specific areas. 

Single Market Scoreboard