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Strategic Technology Foresight

15 March 2018


Call summary and aims

Future defence capabilities rely on emerging key enabling and cutting edge technologies, which today often are of “dual-use”. Securing the supply of these technologies has become a challenge, both for industry as for national defence administrations. The requirement of non-limited access and availability makes some of these technologies defence-critical, leading to a need for joint/ coordinated action at national and European level. Rapidly evolving technological innovation calls for a mechanism to identify key trends and developments. The Preparatory Action will therefore include actions to develop a sustainable strategic technology foresight methodology. In view of the reform of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), an important part in this area would be to launch a stocktaking exercise on critical defence technologies components and materials, with focus on ITAR related components in Europe's armament systems, including in future technologies.

In the context of the development of the future EU-funded defence research programme, these analyses should suggest potential roadmaps, themes, and business models, to be implemented and funded at national, multilateral or EU level, as appropriate.