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29 October 2015

Atlantic stakeholder platform conference

As part of the implementation of the Atlantic action plan, the European Commission invites stakeholders to share their practical knowledge and ideas at the Atlantic stakeholder platform conference. The stakeholder platform is an annual event and the centr...
20 October 2015

EuroPCom 2015: 6th European Conference on Public Communication

The 6th edition of EuroPCom will bring together communication managers and senior experts of local, regional, national and European authorities. Over 800 colleagues from all EU member states attend this annual networking event. Lectures, debates and inter...
30 July 2015

Study published on EU Needs with regard to cooperation with Greenland in the area of raw materials

Published : Fri, 31 Jul 2015 In June 2012, the European Union and Greenland agreed to cooperate in the area of raw materials supply. A study was therefore commissioned to provide the European Commission with the information required to adeq...
28 July 2015

Accounting for small enterprises - Recommendations and good practices

Published : Wed, 29 Jul 2015 A project to analyse the various accounting systems applied in EU countries in the case of non-regulation at EU level was commissioned due to the importance of appropriate accounting information for owners and m...