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31 July 2019

7 signs that you could be an entrepreneur at heart

(From ) You have a vision It’s easy to look at Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and think that being an entrepreneur is all about making millions and becoming the biggest brand in the world. While that’s a worthy ambition, a successful business has to start with an idea. Entrepreneurs are skilled at recognising gaps in the market for a new product, identifying a demand that hasn’t been met or developing a new solution for an old problem. You can focus on the future While the present is important, successful entrepreneurs will also keep one eye on the future at all times. They anticipate...
17 April 2015

Travel may broaden the mind, but working abroad makes you smarter!

(From ) Working abroad, dealing with new cultures, learning new languages – all that quick thinking gives your brain a good workout. A series of studies show that people working or studying abroad outperform others when it comes to creative thinking and problem solving. Maybe you are looking for work abroad because the opportunities are better; perhaps you want to try out another culture. Whatever reason is behind your job search there seem to be more benefits to moving to another country than you would first think. Associate professor of organisational behaviour at the business...
17 April 2015

EURES Helpdesk’s "human dimension" the key to effective problem-solving

(From ) For many jobseekers and employers, EURES is a web tool for exploring the opportunities offered by the European labour market. To keep the EURES Portal operating effectively, intensive behind-the-scenes work is necessary. Here we talk to the EURES Helpdesk coordinator Evi Guinou who, alongside her team in Luxembourg, works to ensure that users' portal-related problems are resolved effectively. The EURES Helpdesk is a hub of activity, with five front-line operators dealing with all types of EURES portal-related queries. Evi's team strives to provide an efficient service and...