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26 June 2019

Going Dutch: tips for working in the Netherlands

(From ) Unemployment is falling in the Netherlands as the economy recovers, and while the number of government jobs is set to fall due to cuts, employment in the private sector is rising. While there is little demand for low-skilled workers, there is a shortage of applicants for medium-skilled jobs and therefore a good chance of finding work in a number of technical occupations. These roles include CNC machine operators, specialist welders and industrial pipe fitters, while design engineers, technically qualified project managers and R&D specialists are also in demand. There...
13 July 2015

Prevention not cure: Online IPR in South-East Asia, from the Your IP Insider blog

Published : Mon, 13 Jul 2015 There are many reasons for European SMEs to be optimistic due to the rise of e-commerce in South-East Asia. However, there are several challenges that they should be aware of when establishing their vir...