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Supporting the Promotion and Development of Transnational Thematic Tourism Products Linked to Cultural and Creative Industries

26 April 2017


Call summary

This call for proposals aims at co-funding projects developing and promoting transnational tourism products related specifically to the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) subsector 'cultural heritage'. A UNESCO cultural site/s must be the focal point around which the transnational product is built. A particular focus is also being placed on using CCIs-related technologies in promoting these tourism products and enhancing visitor's experience.

General objectives of this call for proposals are to:

  •  Support growth and job creation in tourism and CCIs;.
  •  Stimulate competitiveness of the tourism industry, innovation, diversification and valorisation of European tourism offer;.
  •  Develop and enhance synergies between tourism and CCIs;.
  •  Create a favourable framework to SME’s cooperation;.
  •  Foster transnational cooperation of all actors along the tourism value chain;.
  •  Facilitate long-term European public-private partnerships.

The specific objectives of this call for proposals are to:

  •  Strengthen transnational cooperation with regard to European cultural heritage and tourism;.
  •  Raise awareness of European cultural heritage and increase its value, attractiveness and its potential for the development of the tourism sector;.
  •  Encourage the development and diversification of the supply of tourism products and services by enhanced promotion of transnational thematic tourism products related to cultural heritage;.
  •  Strengthen cross-border cooperation and the management skills of public or private bodies in charge of developing and promoting transnational thematic tourism products related to cultural heritage;.
  •  Better market uptake and visibility of attractive European transnational tourism products focused on European cultural heritage;.
  •  Enhance the competitiveness of the European tourism product through the use of CCI-related technologies;.
  •  Create solid public-private partnerships and ensure cross-fertilisation of knowledge and experience between the participating destinations/organisations.