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04 March 2019

Salary negotiation: Where should I start?

(From ec.europa.eu ) Do your research You’ll want to go into the negotiation with a clear salary figure – or salary range – in mind so that you have a good starting point to build on. But it’s important to make sure that this figure is a realistic one or you may find that the negotiation doesn’t go the way you hoped. Researching similar positions to yours, and the related salaries, is a great way of getting a clear picture about what you should be aiming for and will give you a stronger overall negotiating position. Know your own worth Maybe you’re great at sales. Maybe you can type 70 words...
17 April 2015

Travel may broaden the mind, but working abroad makes you smarter!

(From ec.europa.eu ) Working abroad, dealing with new cultures, learning new languages – all that quick thinking gives your brain a good workout. A series of studies show that people working or studying abroad outperform others when it comes to creative thinking and problem solving. Maybe you are looking for work abroad because the opportunities are better; perhaps you want to try out another culture. Whatever reason is behind your job search there seem to be more benefits to moving to another country than you would first think. Associate professor of organisational behaviour at the business...