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25 July 2016

Boosting the competitiveness of cultural and creative industries for growth and jobs

Published : Mon, 25 Jul 2016 The recent study: Boosting the competitiveness of cultural and creative industries for jobs and growth shows that Cultural and creative industries (CCIs) employ more than 12 million people in the EU, which is 7....
28 July 2015

Update: Drawing up an IP strategy for creative industries in China

Published : Wed, 29 Jul 2015 European businesses are sometimes reluctant to enter the China market and build relationships with Chinese partners because of the risk of the infringement of creative ideas and designs. This new China ...
05 May 2015

EURES’ advice results in photographer’s exhibition

(From ) The creative and cultural sector accounts for 4.2% of EU's GDP and employs around seven million people, mainly in small businesses, according to a report published in 2014 . But the need for someone's creative or artistic work is not as evident as it is within other sectors, recruitment does not follow the same pattern. So EURES advisors need to take a different approach when it comes to matching artists with opportunities. When the Stunning Staircases exhibition opened on 18 March one of the keenest visitors was EURES adviser Pieter van der Valk, who is based at Utrecht...
17 April 2015

Travel may broaden the mind, but working abroad makes you smarter!

(From ) Working abroad, dealing with new cultures, learning new languages – all that quick thinking gives your brain a good workout. A series of studies show that people working or studying abroad outperform others when it comes to creative thinking and problem solving. Maybe you are looking for work abroad because the opportunities are better; perhaps you want to try out another culture. Whatever reason is behind your job search there seem to be more benefits to moving to another country than you would first think. Associate professor of organisational behaviour at the business...