03 June 2020

Tips for adapting your job search post COVID-19

(From ec.europa.eu ) The world of job-hunting is no different. As some lockdowns begin to ease and we look forward to the period after COVID-19, here are six short tips to help you adapt your job search to fit the changing world of work. Be open-minded about the kind of roles you’re interested in Whilst the COVID-19 crisis has stopped many companies from hiring altogether, others (e.g. online retail services, courier/mail delivery services, supermarkets and pharmacies) need additional support to meet increased demand as a direct result of it. Staying open-minded about the kind of role you’re...
26 May 2020

How businesses are adapting to the crisis and preparing for a future after COVID-19

(From ec.europa.eu ) Most companies have temporarily altered their working practices, for example switching their staff to teleworking and moving all meetings online. For businesses in some sectors, this transition has been smooth, but for others, it has not been so simple. For many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), it has been essential to react quickly to the changes in supply and demand. If you are an employer, you may be looking for inspiration on how to adapt and plan for a future beyond COVID-19. Here are some examples of SMEs and startups that have been adapting their...
19 May 2020

Top 8 online collaboration tools for remote teams

(From ec.europa.eu ) That’s why we have prepared a list of useful online tools that will allow you to share files, do video calls and presentations, collaborate with co-workers and manage projects. Note: All tools in this article are free to use, but they also have paid versions for an upgraded experience. Project Management Asana Asana can provide a good overview of all projects currently going on in your organisation. You can create to-do lists for ongoing projects, set reminders for upcoming deadlines and send requests to colleagues. Trello Trello allows you to manage your projects online...
04 May 2020

Top 6 free platforms for online courses

(From ec.europa.eu ) If this is the case, you could use the extra time to learn a new skill. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are an excellent way to learn skills and work on your self-development. Many people choose MOOCs to learn more about a subject they’re interested in, upgrade their skills or gain new ones, in areas ranging from Roman art and archaeology to basic programming. Each MOOC platform offers a wide range of free online classes to choose from, organised by prestigious educational institutions or experts in the field. All you need to have to participate is a computer, an...
21 April 2020

Five things you need to start working from home

(From ec.europa.eu ) IT equipment You’ll probably need a computer or laptop with access to your organisation’s internal network to work from home. Without access to your organisation’s network, you may not be able to view everything that you need to. This may be provided by your employer, or you may be able to access the network from your own device. Tip 1: Depending on your role, you may need a second screen so that you can easily view several documents or pages at the same time. If you don’t have a second computer monitor at home, ask your employer if they can provide one. If not, you could...
08 April 2020


(From ec.europa.eu ) At a time when COVID-19 is affecting the entire EU, the European Commission is coordinating a common European response to the COVID-19 outbreak to reinforce our public health sectors and mitigate the socioeconomic impact in the EU. We are mobilising all means at our disposal to help EU Member States coordinate their national responses. Go here for all the latest COVID-19 news from the Commission. Strong measures are being taken to limit the spread. The Commission is aware of the impact of border closures on the free movement of workers, and in particular, those who...
20 March 2020

The future of work: Hospitality and retail managers

(From ec.europa.eu ) The second occupation under investigation is hospitality and retail managers. This covers people working as hotel and restaurant managers, retail and wholesale trade managers, and managers of other services that include sports, recreation and cultural services. Key facts Around 4.2 million people were employed as hospitality and retail managers in 2018. . Employment in the occupation grew by just over 3% between 2006 and 2018. . Autonomy, creativity and resolution, and the ability to service and attend are the most important tasks and skills for employees in this field...
10 March 2020

8 reasons you should consider seasonal work

(From ec.europa.eu ) 1. Access entry-level positions Seasonal employment often offers entry-level positions that would be a lot harder to find in other sectors. This can provide a stepping-stone, giving you experience that could lead to a relevant career opportunity later on. 2. Try out a new field of work or employer If you’re looking to try out a new career path, or are interested in working with a different employer, seasonal employment can allow you to test this out safe in the knowledge that, if you don’t like it, you aren’t committed to it in the long term. 3. Make use of unique skills...
19 August 2019

6 ways the world of work is evolving

(From ec.europa.eu ) We turned to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2018 to find out. Technology will drive business growth Four key technologies – high-speed mobile internet, artificial intelligence, big data analytics and cloud technology – will take on new meaning over the next few years and help to boost the performance of companies. Socio-economic trends such as national economic growth and the expansion of education (particularly in developing economies) will create new opportunities for businesses. The current move towards a greener economy will also mean advances in...
31 July 2019

7 signs that you could be an entrepreneur at heart

(From ec.europa.eu ) You have a vision It’s easy to look at Steve Jobs or Bill Gates and think that being an entrepreneur is all about making millions and becoming the biggest brand in the world. While that’s a worthy ambition, a successful business has to start with an idea. Entrepreneurs are skilled at recognising gaps in the market for a new product, identifying a demand that hasn’t been met or developing a new solution for an old problem. You can focus on the future While the present is important, successful entrepreneurs will also keep one eye on the future at all times. They anticipate...



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