07 January 2019

Four common workplace personalities and how to work effectively with them

(From ec.europa.eu ) Everyone is different. We all have our own thoughts, experiences, beliefs and cultures. While this variety definitely makes life more interesting and exciting, it can be a bit of a stumbling block within the workplace when these differences collide. Learning how to work effectively with your colleagues and how to balance their personalities with yours is an important part of working life. The Leader Who are they? Leaders are usually very ambitious, driven and confident individuals. They’re the type of people that take control of a situation, make clear decisions and you’...
04 December 2018

EURES podcast 1: French jobseeker finds work in Slovenia's tourism industry thanks to EURES event

(From ec.europa.eu ) The Seize the Summer with EURES 2018 Online Event gathered tourism and food industry employers from Croatia, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Malta and Cyprus. Jobseekers participated from all EU and European Economic Area countries. Nastja is a EURES Adviser in Slovenia who helped coordinate the event. It was thanks to her that Clément, a jobseeker from France who attended the event, found a job at a hotel in Slovenia. Listen to Nastja, Clément and Teja representing LifeClass Hotels & Spa, an employer participating in the event, discuss their...
04 December 2018

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange

Identifier: H2020-MSCA-RISE-2019Pillar: Excellent ScienceOpening Date: Deadline: Tue, 2 Apr 2019 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)Modification Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2018Latest information: The submission session is now available for: MSCA-RISE-2019(MSCA-RISE)
29 November 2018

Vocational education and training: Is there a career for me?

(From ec.europa.eu ) When you hear the phrase VET, you may well think of a select few “traditional” vocations. Construction workers, electricians, mechanics, plumbers and painters and decorators are all examples of jobs commonly associated with VET, and these careers – while great options – are not suited to everyone. The truth is, VET is a much broader concept, with a wide range of potential careers. In this article, we discuss some of the careers that you could pursue through VET. Traditional VET careers Vocational careers date right back to ancient times, when early farmers, cooks,...
26 November 2018


(From ec.europa.eu ) disclaimer "Focus on…" articles are intended to provide users of the EURES portal with information on current topics and trends and to stimulate discussion and debate. They do not necessarily reflect the view of the European Commission.
14 November 2018

How does undeclared work in the EU affect you?

(From ec.europa.eu ) What exactly is undeclared work? Undeclared work is any work that is lawful by nature but not declared to the relevant public authorities. It’s often known informally as ‘cash-in-hand work’ and is common in sectors such as construction, cleaning, childcare, and food and hospitality. What does the ‘European Platform tackling undeclared work’ do? Combating the issue of undeclared work is a priority of the EU, which is why it launched the ‘European Platform tackling undeclared work’ back in 2016. The platform brings together organisations from around the EU, including labour...



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