04 February 2019

What skills are companies looking for in 2019?

(From ec.europa.eu ) How about by focusing on the skills that companies are looking for? Over the last few years, LinkedIn has tracked the skills that companies need the most on an annual basis andthe company recently released its findings for 2019.. Using data gathered through their website on skills that are in high demand compared to their supply, the LinkedIn team narrowed down an estimated 50,000 skills to a list of the 30 that are most in-demand (5 ‘soft’ and 25 ‘hard’). Find out what skills made the list below… The soft skills The soft skills that companies are looking for tend to...
21 January 2019

Skills for Jobs: How to get the most out of the OECD’s database

(From ec.europa.eu ) The world of work is changing amid technological developments and globalisation. For employees and employers, it’s important to know which skills are in demand – and in excess – in certain countries and occupations. This is where the Skills for Jobs database comes in. What is the Skills for Jobs database? Launched in 2017 by the OECD, Skills for Jobs provides information on skills shortages and surpluses in 40 countries, as well as occupational imbalances. It looks at cognitive, social and physical skills, and can help you understand which skills are hard to find and...



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What skills are companies looking for in 2019?
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